Process Service is the delivery or service of any document authorized by statute, court rule, city ordinance, regulation, or court order that is evidenced by a sworn proof of service usually in the form of an affidavit, declaration, certificate, or acknowledgment of service. The individual who affects the service, called a server, is the one who signs the proof of service.


Our servers are hand picked and usually come from a law enforcement background. They are trained to handle a variety of unpredictable situations.  All are well versed in state statutes, court rules, and civil procedure, particularly how they relate to service of process.  In short, our servers know what constitutes valid service and what does not.  We know the proper person to serve when it comes to serving a corporation, a school district, a municipality, or an individual defendant.  All servers are equipped with digital cameras, and portable computers so that they can access information in the field, such as running a license plate and documenting any event or circumstance that relates to your process service assignment. Also, these portable electronic devices will allow our servers to document attempts, and directly send this information in real time, from the field, into our job status system on our website.  We believe in a no nonsense approach to serving papers. We strive to serve your documents as quickly as possible, avoiding unnecessary delays, so that you can get on with litigating your case.


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